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About me

I graduated with honors in Clinical Psychology at the University of Padova, the oldest psychology college department in Italy. I grew up in a bilingual family, I have an American father and sister and lived in the United States for a few years as a kid. I've always been particularly interested in studying interactions and the way they influence individual and collective health. For this, since the beginning I've been actively involved in various and different areas: clinical, social, community and family psychology.

I've always believed that we create our personal happiness and are the architects of our own future. In fact, during my childhood, I've often enough been called "willful", "obstinate" and sometimes even "stubborn". Studying psychology allowed me to transform this character trait in a set of tools for the promotion of my own and other people's health. It's true, reality surrounding us is a direct projection of our way of building it and of managing interactions with others. Change is always possibile. Wanting it with all one's might, though, is not enough: one needs to have a very personal "toolbox" for the pursuit of his/her goals.

What do you want to change? Where do you want to go? What is in your way? How can you transform a problem in an opportunity? Let's start from here, from desires and expectations, to spot the best strategies for the creation of a new and more satisfying reality. My contribution as a psychologist is to provide the means for change, sustaining the other in the process of choosing a vessel, so that he or she can continue on their journey, with the strength to confront the waves and finally reach their destination.

Today I am working on many projects within the Veneto region, aiming at a constant growth of the social cohesion in my community, as well as the well-being of its members.
  • work as an instructor  for Centro Studi Copernico (www.copernicocs.it), where I also deal with school project-work for adolescents.
  • I conduct various workshops on bullying and the dangers of online networking  in both primary and secondary school, on behalf of the national association Telefono Azzurro (www.azzurro.it);
  • I deal with the communicative aspects of web promotion for Casa Alloggio La Tendawhich welcomes and supports individuals infected with HIV (www.latendaonlus.org);